The benefits of doing Appliance Therapy in your practice

  1. Expands your dental practice - almost every patient can benefit from some form of appliance therapy.
  2. Increases your patient referrals - happy patients proudly tell their friends and relatives about your practice.
  3. Restores your professional satisfaction - beautiful dentistry, and smiling patients can easily be accomplished through simple chair side procedures that are fun to do. 
  4. Increases your chair time productivity - appliances are adjusted in minutes. Patients can work into the daily schedule without taking up a large block of appointment time.
  5. Adds to your income - $100,000+ in annual appliance therapy, bottom line, income.
  6. Creates new patient interest and awareness – we offer free statement mailers, videos/CDs, and waiting room materials about these new services.
  7. Recession proofs your practice – Appliance Therapy services do well even when other procedures do not.
  8. Improves your cash flow – Appliance Therapy lends itself to monthly payment plans.
  9. Make you the hero – reduces referrals outside your practice so your patients can appreciate the convenience of receiving all their dentistry at one place.
  10. Unlimited support from the Appliance Therapy Group – our mission is to help you be competent in all aspects of Appliance Therapy. We will be by your side providing the educational opportunities, treatment ideas, tools, supplies, and the comprehensive appliance laboratory services you need to be an outstanding Appliance Therapy Practitioner.


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