Your Invitation to Join

If you are using appliances to do any space maintenance, minor tooth guidance, cosmetic tooth movement, treat bruxism/TMJ problems, help a patient’s sleep disorders, or just want to get involved in this exciting new field in dentistry, you are cordially invited to become a charter member of the new Appliance Therapy Practitioner’s Association.

Who we are:
Dentists who want freedom from the daily grind - a chance to be a part of a group who enjoy being free from the routine of drill and fill dentistry, doing techniques that are interesting and exciting while offering your patients procedures that improve not only their dental health but their entire physical and mental well being.

Our Purpose:
The Appliance Therapy Practitioner’s Association is an organization of leading dental professionals dedicated to promoting the benefits of Appliance Therapy to patients of all ages everywhere.

What’s different about belonging to our association?
Freedom from responsibilities - All the work and expense of running the organization is being donated by the Appliance Therapy Group. They pay for the membership staff and the salary of its managing director. To you this means - no boring committees, board meetings, extra assessments. extra commitments, in fighting or politics - nothing for you to do except enjoy the many benefits of being a member. In addition, most of your annual membership dues can then be used to help promote Appliance Therapy.


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