About the Appliance Therapy Group

Our Association is the centerpiece of the newly formed Appliance Therapy Group of companies that include Space Maintainers Laboratories worldwide, Success Essentials, The Second Opinion, and The SMILE Foundation.

Just as Appliance Therapy creates new treatment opportunities and expands your practice, the Appliance Therapy Group helps you offer these many benefits to your patients. Interceptive orthodontics for children, cosmetic tooth movement for adults, snoring and sleep apnea prevention, relieving the discomfort of TMJ problems and bruxism, athletic mouthguard protection, and even brighter, whiter smiles are just some of the many ways the Group can help you complement the restorative, preventive and cosmetic needs of your patients.

The Group was formed expressly to make integrating the advantages of appliance therapy into your practice easy and economical. Everything you need to be successful is now available from within the Group: education, consultation, treatment planning, appliance design and construction, adjustment techniques, products and supplies, and even a new patient referral service are all available to you as a member…just for the asking.


Professional Association – Appliance Therapy Practitioners
Appliance Construction – Space Maintainers Laboratory
Diagnostic Services – The Second Opinion
Educational Services – SMILE Foundation
Products and Supplies – Success Essentials



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