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About the SMILE Foundation
Space Maintainers International Laboratories Education Foundation, a member of the Appliance Therapy Group, can assist you in developing the techniques and skills necessary to integrate Appliance Therapy in to your practice. As the Appliance Therapy Group's education arm, the SMILE Foundation provides and extensive range of Appliance Therapy seminars, home study courses and learning aids to augment your dental skills.

Seminars featuring leading instructors.

Throughout the year, the SMILE Foundation offers economical high-quality courses on a variety of subjects. The seminars encompass every aspect of Appliance Therapy including snoring and sleep apnea, minor tooth movement, appliance repair and adjustment, and functional Appliance Therapy, bleaching, mouthguards and practice management. The foundation sponsors leading dental authorities and practitioners as speakers in an effort to further your education, expand your dental options and improve the viability of your practice.

Independent learning home study courses and training videos.

The audio and video independent learning courses of the SMILE Foundation embrace a broad range of subjects. They have been designed and developed to make you a proficient Appliance Therapy provider. For example, instructional videos on banding and bracketing and appliance adjustment of removable appliances will sharpen and increase your abilities. Written by outstanding clinicians, these informative and concise tools provide educational emphasis on the latest trends in Appliance Therapy dentistry. Earn CE Credits. The SMILE Foundation is an ADA CERP recognized provider. Our CE courses are also accepted by the AGD for Fellowship/Mastership credit.

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