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The Second Opinion is the diagnostic member of the Appliance Therapy Group. We offer a wide range of services to help you with your patient consultations, diagnoses, treatment planning and case presentations. Whether you are beginning to integrate appliance therapy into your practice or are an experienced veteran at orthodontics, we will provide you with the information you need to successfully complete each patient’s treatment.

With today’s hectic office schedules, we will save you and your staff valuable time while helping you provide more comprehensive services to your patients.

Submit a Case Online
Request and receive many of our evaluation reports directly from your computer.

Appliance Design
Your personal guide on implementing appliance therapy as a regular part of your practice.

Orthodontic Diagnostics
Case presentation and treatment planning reports for your Orthodontic cases.

Cephalometric Tracings
The information necessary to make a proper diagnosis.

Imaging Plus
Visual aid options for your case study and presentations.

Help & Support
Appliance Therapy Support Center.

Online Services
Learn how our online resources can help save time, money and storage space!

* This option is available if the “Submit a Case Online” feature was utilized or “Digital Report” was requested upon the initial order.


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