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IPR Products: Diamond Strips

Diamond Strips


Our unique set of diamond strips work hand in hand with the SPEE IPR system. They are perfect for rounding contacts after slenderizing for minor tooth movement such as Hawley w/ springs, Inman Aligners, Invisalign, Spring Retainers, and all St. Wire treatment modalities. They are also ideal for adjusting contact points when placing crowns and bridges. Strips are 4mm wide and available in Super Fine, fine, medium and course.

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    Product Code Description Price Quantity
Diamond Strips 4mm Super Fine 130-524 130-524 Pack of 10 $34.95
Diamond Strips 4mm Fine 130-525 130-525 Pack of 10 $34.95
Diamond Strips 4mm Medium 130-526 130-526 Pack of 10 $32.75
Diamond Strips 4mm Coarse 130-527 130-527 Pack of 10 $32.75


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